Grow marijuana seeds using the best planting techniques. How to germinate marijuana seeds is a question every horticulturalist experiences at one time or another. The following schools of thought on how to grow marijuana seeds are compiled from the Internet, marijuana magazines, breeder blogs and personal growing experience. You don’t have to search through a ton of links and a pile of literature. Here you can quickly learn how to obtain the best. Handle your seeds respectfully.

Marijuana seeds generally come in variety of sizes and colors. The size of a good one is 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Their shapes are round to slightly egg like. Good color is brown to grey to almost black. Seeds are decorated with a natural black tiger stripe.

Expect the price to fluctuate throughout different cannabis seed banks, medicinal breeders, and private growers. Private growers, mainly because of limited inventory. Super kinds of marijuana produce a higher THC potency with bigger yield.

Grow Marijuana Tips

  1. Be clean, always wash up, keep your stuff clean, cannabis loves a clean environment.
  2. Quality control is essential, separate the uniform, larger sizes of weed seeds.
  3. Pre-soaking your weed seeds is recommended for plump germination.
  4. Some sativas can require up 5 to 10°F degrees higher temperature because they come from much hotter climate.
  5. If the soil is waterlogged, it might cut off the necessary oxygen supply and prevent the seed from germinating. It prevents respiration, which is the main source for the seedling’s energy until it starts to photosynthesize.
  6. Transplant germinated pot seeds into the same growing medium used to sprout them, changing will slow growth until they adapt.
  7. Store them in a cool, dry, dark place, preferably at 6 degrees Celsius.
  8. Follow the breeding masters at work, buy marijuana magazines to help stay informed on today’s arising new growing techniques.

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