Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds were bred to rid a grower of those troublesome male plants. All female marijuana plants are supposed to germinate from these seeds. However a small problem can turn into disaster. Feminized marijuana is well known for producing hermaphrodites. This is a cannabis plant seed with both male and female parts. Pollination of an entire grow room can result. You may not even see where the male plant characteristics develop. It’ll be to late to get rid of the plant. Sometimes it takes 50 seeds then the 51st seed produces the hermy effect. Hard to tell when it’ll happen.

True regular marijuana seeds are best. No genetic modifications. No chemicals added. True nature at work.

Feminized marijuana retains high quality genetics of the strain. The seeds also produce very stable plants. The evolution of seed production is apparent.

Reproduction of female cannabis is the most urgent goal. Gender predictability is very helpful in producing the all female garden.

Producing Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Breeders start with selected female clones. Under standard conditions these female clones do not produce any male flowers. By the method found, they are able to have these female clones produce abundant male flowers and pollen. The pollen thus produced is used for the production of “feminized” seeds.

Individual growers can try a combination of cloning and shocking weed plants producing feminized marijuana seeds with total female progeny.

A certain method used by organic growers is called Rodelization. Letting non pollinated feminized seeds plants live several weeks longer than the normal harvest time. In such seeds a hermaphroditic feminized seed trait will self express in an effort to continue the genetic line.

Colloidal silver suppresses ethylene production in plants stimulating male characteristics. Spraying whole feminized seeded plants with colloidal silver solution has become a method of obtaining feminized seeds. A random half of the genes present in each of the feminized seeds parental plants will be passed onto the next generation of feminized seeds.