Preparing A Clean Grow Room For Cannabis Seeds

Clean Grow Room Conditions

A clean grow room environment to start marijuana seeds is the main focus. Fungus or disease can creep in at any time. Those pesky little unwanted bacteria come from everywhere. Fungus and disease can originate from your hands. Your hair carries dust mites. A mouth gets filthy when when you sneeze or cough. Sweat can fall anywhere. Shoes, even from your clothes carry germs. The best offense against growing threats is common sense. It sometimes leaves our minds when we’re stoned. Always remember to be clean.

Clean Grow Room Contaminants

Your hands are the number one source of contamination after a long day of being out in the world with working, loving, and exercising. You’ve eaten food, gone to the rest room, passed around joints and enjoyed smoking cigarettes. Now your hands, face and clothes are filthy with unwanted bacteria you can’t physically see.

Tobacco will kill cannabis seeds, even the residue left behind will last for hours. Now it’s time to visit your weed garden or cannabis room. Did you really want to enter your grow op without disinfecting yourself? Always wash your hands with a good anti-bacterial soap. Be like a freaking doctor. Cleanliness can’t be stressed enough. Give your pot plants the chance to grow to their full potential.

Equipment used to grow marijuana seeds should definitely be cleaned and sanitized before being introduced into your garden or grow room. Start from the bottom and work your way up for a complete clean grow room. If you are in indoor growing conditions start by cleaning and disinfecting an empty room. This includes floor, walls, ceiling, doors, door handles, windows and window handles. Every single item you then introduce into your grow area is cleaned with an anti-bacterial treatment. Clean the buckets, the hydroponic trays, the light hoods, the light ballasts, all electrical equipment and the bags of dirt, fertilizer and nutrients. It is so easy to introduce bugs into a grow environment by bringing in bags of dirt, fertilizer and the like. Bags of soil often already come with bugs and disease right from the gardening store.

We can’t stress cleanliness enough. You’ll want your plants to grow fast, strong, produce wonderfully potent buds. It all originates from a clean grow room environment.

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