Testing Marijuana Seeds

Test the viability of virile marijuana seeds before germination. A good sign that a seed is viable and healthy will be the fresh “waxy” sheen it displays on its outer coat. A good seed color ranges from grey-brown to brown to dark brown to black. A white or light green colored seed is usually the sign of an immature seed. If a seed is dark black or very dark brown and has a dull “non-waxy” appearance, the seed may be dead. Make a quick physical examination of each seed with the use of a magnifying glass, checking for cracks, molds and other imperfections. Good seeds will hit the proper color range and have a good weight with a fleshy appearance.

Testing the viability of virile marijuana seeds can be done beyond the external examination. Several internal conditions will affect the ability of the cannabis seed to germinate that are not detectable by appearance and the water test methods. One reliable test is to randomly select a few seeds from the batch that has a good appearance. Crack them open, smell and taste them. Virile marijuana seeds are bigger, have clear distinct surface color pattern, are heavy with healthy whitish embryo and the surface is hard. If they have a musty, oily taste, they are probably old seeds and are on the verge of going bad. Any seeds which have a black appearance inside, then fermentation has begun to set in and there is very little chance that such seeds will germinate. Conversely, if they look pale and dusty inside then they are old and will have a low germination rate producing sickly plants at best.

To further test your seed quality, take the selected seeds you intend to plant and drop them into a pan or bowl with distilled water in it. The healthy seeds will usually have enough mass to cause them to sink.

Test Marijuana seeds for usability using pressure with your thumb, it should resist cracking.

A reliable test is to simply germinate a small group of randomly selected seeds. A germination percentage above 50% is considered excellent for seeds. Usually the best quality seeds are those bought directly from a craft grower of marijuana. Quality is very high when buying at specialized marijuana seed shops in countries where law allows retail marijuana seeds commerce like Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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